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The Platsas Family Legacy

In 1970, the Platsas family embarked on their journey in the restaurant industry. After more than 20 years of managing and owning a variety of establishments, Johnny and his wife, Patricia, decided to broaden their horizons. This new venture led to the acquisition of Harry’s Restaurant from a fellow Greek. Soon after, Harry’s morphed into a homemade southern food staple for downtown employees and surrounding businesses.

In 2002, Johnny and Patricia decided it was time to add another chapter to the legacy of Harry’s constructing a new building to keep up with the modern and ever-changing city. Accompanying the new structure, the Platsas family expanded the menu beyond the scope of traditional southern cooking. They fused elements of Latin, European, and Mediterranean dishes to create the, now, globally diverse menu. Particularly, Greek dishes have been implemented to showcase the heritage of Johnny Platsas and his love for Mediterranean cuisine. Not to be outdone, Patricia’s Ecuadorian heritage has also helped add vibrancy to the menu as well.

All in all, The Platsas Family aims to bring the freshest and most dynamic dishes to its customers while still maintaining the tradition of home-style cooking! The newest addition to the team, daughter Zoi, has brought her skills and flair to Harry’s Restaurant transforming it into one of the best eateries in midtown Houston. Her passion for food rivals that of Johnny, and she is sure to carry on the tradition for years to come!